This M’sian Created A WhatsApp For Teams & Earned RM50k Revenue In Just 4 Months

Author’s Blurb: Reaching out to plenty of people to conduct interviews, it’s such a hassle when my colleagues need to know what’s happening in a conversation, especially since messaging apps don’t have a CC function like emails. Unfortunately, the only way to do this is if I hand over my phone.

Carliff realised that this is a pain point for many entrepreneurs, too. Especially those in retail and e-commerce when it comes to customer service and sales.
He said thpanies have one single business number on one phone, which has to be passed around to many employees when replying to customers.

Companies may also ask their employees to use personal phone numbers, which can be a problem when it comes to separating work and life.
“This is okay for a while, but long term, the staff won’t like this because they have to give support to clients 24/7, which they may not really want to as they can’t run away from work,” he said. “Plus, for the company, there’s data and privacy issues involved.”
With a background in developing ChatBot in 2017, he converted his expertise to come up with YesHello, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
YesHello is a team inbox for WhatsApp and other messaging platforms like Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and SMS.

It’s basically a business messaging platform that allows teams to share one business phone number to reply to customers without having to share a single phone.
Team members are added onto the company’s YesHello account, where members will have access to all incoming and outgoing messages at the same time from their own separate login.

Think of it like editing the same Google Doc from separate Google accounts.
The software also comes with a chatbot feature that can reply instantly to customer enquiries.
But with multiple people having access to each chat, wouldn’t a team inbox be messy? For example, how would enquiries be delegated?
Carliff said that’s what the “assignment” feature is for. A boss can assign his employee (let’s call that employee Bob) to a contact and other members can see who each contact is assigned to.
Chats are also separated into 2 folders. They’re called “All” and “My Folder”.
If no one is assigned to a specific contact from the “All” folder, it works on a first-come, first-serve basis.

So once Bob chats with a contact, it will automatically be moved into “My Folder” on his account.
A notification will then pop up to tell Bob that this contact is in the middle of a conversation with a bot, and it will ask if he would like to take over.
“So then this contact is now assigned to him, and it will no longer be in the ‘All’ folder so there’ll be no confusion to the team,” Carliff added.
According to WhatsApp’s Security, the encryption ensures that only you and the person you’re communicating with can read what is sent, and nobody in between, not even WhatsApp.
We didn’t understand how YesHello was working around this encryption, especially with so many users tied to a single WhatsApp number.
To which Carliff responded, “It isn’t in violation of WhatApp’s terms of service or privacy notice, as WhatsApp users still have end-to-end encryption.”

“The encryption happens from their device to the service provider that they’re with, ensuring that the conversation is private and secured. When a conversation is between a WhatsApp User and a WhatsApp Business API account, the encryption takes place between these two ‘users’.”
Essentially, because there are only 2 numbers involved-the customer and the business number-YesHello isn’t technically going against any encryption policies.
Since launching in April 2020 during the MCO, the company currently has 100 active users and has attained more than RM50,000 in revenue.
Some of their notable clients include Volvo in Bukit Bintang, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia (MITI), and Landrover in Penang, to name a few.
Though their main mission from starting this software was to help SMEs, YesHello’s subscription plans are able to cater to companies of all sizes.

Their pricing structure is as follows:
To us, all the monthly plans seemed rather pricey…
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