Stressed-out Singaporeans turn to crystals and energy fields for good vibrations

Finding pockets of tranquility in a city so consumed by the hustle and bustle of daily life can seem impossible. Our thoughts become knotted, the stress becomes stifling, and the feeling of dread drags on.

In the spiritual world, these are merely symptoms of blocked energies in our bodies. Energies that need to be untied, smoothed out, and recirculated. It is almost like being in a room where the doors and windows have been shut for too long and the air becomes stale and heavy. But once the room is opened and light and fresh air pours in, the atmosphere becomes renewed, refreshed, and rebalanced.
Proponents of spiritual healing believe these energies not only flow through the body but also around us. The energy in movement and heat radiating from other people, for example, are part of what believers say is a universal energy composed of vibrations that can be directed into people’s bodies through various methods.
For the past decade, these New Age traditions, celebrated by 1960s Western counterculture for their “Eastern mysticism,” have made inroads in Singapore, particularly the Japanese spiritual healing method reiki (“rei” means universal; “ki” means energy) and crystal healing.

Reiki Healing Photo Credits: Jason Chua
Singaporean Charmaine Lim, 41, who has worked in sales for over 10 years, said reiki and crystal healing have done more to treat her burnout than a Bali wellness retreat and trips to the psychologist.
“I would think that it’s quite a big shift in terms of managing stress, managing situations as emotions-wise, there were a lot of ups and downs. So from that to being more balanced, to being more calm and feeling more energetic, and more positivity,” she told Coconuts Singapore in a recent interview.

Practitioners like Lim believe healing energies reside within minerals and gemstones. Depending on the type of crystals, these so-called conduits of energy offer varied healing properties. The purple amethyst gemstone, for example, is believed to clear energy blockages affecting mental and physical health when in contact with the body.

Today, Singapore counts dozens of spiritual healers and holistic centers conducting such sessions. Among them is Jenny Tan, who calls herself GypseeJenny, Sri Mulyadi, who runs the Blue Lotus holistic center, and Amy Lim, who claims she can heal pets.

Contrary to popular belief, spirituality does not meddle in black magic, demon worship, or see itself as a form of religion. But adherents trust that energy, beyond its relevance in physics, can also help the mind, body, and soul.
Despite the lack of scientific evidence proving so, spiritual healing practitioners have been around for centuries and manifest as various schools of thought, whether yoga, meditation, or even Qigong, a popular form of exercise rooted in traditional Chinese culture.
Reiki healers are people said to be hypersensitive to ambient energies they can harness through the palms of their hands and channel into patients by touching lightly or hovering their hands over them.
Some say they feel tingling sensations, warmth, or a cool breeze brushing their skin. Their heads feel lighter, bodies calmer, and hearts more at ease.

One of those is Lim, who has been visiting self-proclaimed spiritual healer GypseeJenny, 64, for more than a year. Prior to that, she had never heard of spiritual healing until a friend recommended it to her. As she speaks about her experiences, Lim sounded shy and almost embarrassed, peppering her responses with giggles.

“I also trusted my friend. It came from a good intention,” she said.
At the Bali wellness retreat, Lim recounted learning about exercises, improving her diet and sleeping habits. She returned home relaxed, but once she resumed work, the stress returned.

She then met a psychologist to help her deal with stress, but she felt that it was not enough. The psychologist conducted breathing exercises and guided meditation, which Lim said she had knowledge of and was “already doing.”
But after trying out spiritual healing, she sensed a difference in herself.

“Go with an open mind. We are all made from this world so anything has e…