Hyundai Bayon Trademark Registered In Europe, But For What?

Trademark filings are great for seeing what an automaker plans to do next. It’s not fool-proof – companies file all the time for things that never see the light of day. Eventually, when there are enough puzzle pieces – leaks, filings, and spy photos – it’s easy to put them together into something that resembles a working vehicle. Today isn’t one of those days because a new patent filing from Hyundai Motor Company for “Bayon” has us stumped.
The filing in the European Union, discovered by, says the new name is for “Automobiles; sports cars; vans (vehicles); trucks; motor buses; electric vehicles; parts and accessories for automobiles.” That’s standard trademark speak, but it does nothing to illuminate how Hyundai Motor Co. will use the name. It could be either a future Hyundai or Kia model in Europe, which doesn’t help narrow it down. As the publication notes, Bayon is the name of the Khmer temple in Cambodia.
We know the automaker is developing a new all-electric crossover for all three of its brands – we have spy photos – and either the Hyundai or Kia model could use the name. Bayon doesn’t fit the Genesis nomenclature of the luxury brand, so don’t expect it. While we have seen spy photos for all three, details about the platform remain unknown. Reports suggest the platform is scalable to a variety of battery capacities.
We won’t know what Hyundai Motor will do with the Bayon trademark until it puts something out using it. The automaker is developing new products that have a team of planners around the world, ushering them from idea to production, and they’ll all need new names. Bayon could be one of those, or maybe Hyundai has different plans. There’s also a good chance it’ll end up stuck on a shelf like so many often do.
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