Suri Cruise has a US$3 million wardrobe – but does she ever see her action hero dad? 5 facts about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ designer label-loving daughter

We all follow celebrity kids, but we’re probably more fascinated with Suri Cruise than anyone else. Whether it is due to her famous parents’ public divorce and Tom Cruise’s very public faith in the Church of Scientology, or her intensely private life when compared to other celebrity kids, Suri Cruise, whose first name means princess in Hebrew, is an enigma.
Now, a 14-year-old teenager living with her mum, Katie Holmes, in New York City, here are the five things we know about Suri.
She might have a future in ballet
Suri has been practising ballet since she was six back in Los Angeles. Often photographed in adorable ballet attire, Suri is known for her penchant for performance art. In 2018, Suri and Katie attended the American Ballet Theatre’s annual gala in matching Zac Posen and Dolce & Gabbana floral dresses.
Her wardrobe cost millions of dollars
From Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, Roberto Cavalli to Burberry, Suri is reported to have a wardrobe worth US$3.2 million filled with designer clothes. Not only that, when she was little more than a kindergartner back in 2011, her shoe collection was reported to be worth US$150,000 and included custom-made Louboutins.
She is a humble and a well-rounded kid
Despite being pampered with the finer things in life, Katie Holmes makes sure that Suri grows up to be a well-balanced individual. It’s said that Suri follows strict rules for her education: she has to get good grades, can’t skip school or homework. In 2019, she accompanied her mum to volunteer at a Syrian refugee camp in Greece and was seen playing with one of the kids there.
She doesn’t have a close relationship with her father
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes filed for divorce in 2012, and Katie was awarded custody. After their divorce it’s said that Suri never had a close relationship with her father. Some rumours speculated that Scientology rules forbid him from seeing his own daughter.
She goes to an exclusive private school
It’s no surprise that Holmes wants the best education for her only daughter. Reportedly, Suri is attending Avenues: The World School – an exclusive private school in New York City that costs US$56,400 per year where her schoolmates include children of millionaires, entrepreneurs and Wall Street execs.
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