Rachel Brosnahan wore silk pajamas for the Emmys, and even her husband and dogs had matching outfits

The 2020 Emmys had a more laid-back dress code this year, and Rachel Brosnahan was more than happy to settle into some pajamas for the virtual ceremony.

But Brosnahan didn’t just pull out her usual PJs for television’s biggest night of the year. Her fashionable pajamas were custom-made by Michelle Obama’s tailor, Christy Rilling.

Rilling even made matching pajamas for Brosnahan’s husband Jason Ralph, and used the same print to fashion looks for their two dogs Nikki and Winston.

Brosnahan showed off Winston’s matching bow tie while appearing on E!’s Emmys preshow.

“When am I going to bring my dog to the Emmys again,” she said with a laugh as she cuddled her pup.

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” star said she was “so comfortable” in her pajamas, but admitted that she missed the energy of being on the red carpet.

Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson, Brosnahan’s stylists, told Variety they “had so much fun” putting together the loungewear look.

“Every year it’s kind of same hat, trying to reinvent the wheel,” Johnson told the site. “This year we got to really just be playful with it.”
Executive producers for the Emmys told attendees in July that the virtual show’s dress code would be “come as you are, but make an effort!”
And Johnson and Lincoln still thought about the details when it came to putting Brosnahan’s pajama outfit together – like modifying the length of her shirt since she’d be sitting while on camera.

“It’s a bit more cropped and fitted,” Jordan told The Hollywood Reporter. “We didn’t want the pajama top sort of slumping around her.”
Brosnahan’s fashionable pajamas will be donated to the Red Carpet Advocacy’s auction and proceeds will benefit When We All Vote.
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