Pioneer Of Durian Mooncakes In S’pore: How Golden Moments Hit S$1.5M Sales In Just A Month

The Mid-Autumn Festival typically falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, which is in September or early October in the Gregorian calendar. This year, it falls on October 1.
Marking the end of the autumn harvest, the Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally a time to give thanks to the gods.
It is also the time of year when the moon is at its brightest, which is why lunar legends have always been attached to the celebration.
This is also the reason why mooncakes are the main highlight of the festival, which is a symbol of reunion and happiness.
Today, you’ll find mooncakes in many varieties, from traditional flavours with lotus seed paste and egg yolk, to snowskin versions filled with everything from chocolate to champagne truffle.
For homegrown brand Golden Moments, it pioneered durian mooncake in Singapore.
Established in 2017, Golden Moments was founded by three friends – Josiah Jeremy, Leon Chan and Samuel Ow.
However due to a “conflict in business perspectives”, the latter two co-founders have sold their shares and decided to part ways.
Leon in particular, has went ahead to start up his own durian mooncake brand called Chng Kae.
In an interview with Vulcan Post, founder Josiah shared that it was “disheartening” to see his business partner turning into his competitor.
However, there are always ups and downs in the corporate world and the differences in business perspectives led to the split.
Competition is inevitable and (even) if Chng Kae (was not) our competitor, it would probably be someone else. Nevertheless, we take this as a learning experience and wish him all the best in running his new brand.
He added that since the founding team started out as a group of friends, boundaries often got blurred and disputes occured.
“It took responsibility and maturity to ensure that expectations were properly managed in order to run the business in a professional way,” explained Josiah.
They had to lay out proper and clear SOPs and business frameworks for corporate governance to help them build a strong foundation for growth and sustainability.
Recounting the early days, he shared that Golden Moments was simply built upon the idea of bringing together families and loved ones through the love of durians.
That was also how their brand name came about: they wanted to advocate the brand essence of “treasuring ‘golden moments’ and celebrating relationships.”
At its core, Golden Moments aims to serve customers with the best durian experience.
“We value our customers because they deserve the best and deserve gold,” said Josiah.
This gold that he refers to comes in the form of the golden yellow flesh from the King of Fruit. In fact, all the Mao Shan Wang durians that they use in their mooncakes are of “unparalleled AAA grade”.
We work closely with our durian plantation partner in Malaysia so that we can source the best durians. Ultimately, we can guarantee that every bite of our mooncakes is pure durian luxury of the finest quality.
With such high quality, it’s no surprise why Golden Moments charge such high prices for their mooncakes.
The price of Golden Moments mooncakes start from S$88.80 for a box of four.
This year, it partnered homegrown goldsmith jewellery brand SK Jewellery to launch a limited edition 24K Truffle Mao Shan Wang snowskin mooncake that costs a whopping $888.
Each set comes with a 24K gold bar, which serves as an impressive gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival.
According to their marketing research, this limited edition set is indeed the “most expensive mooncake in Singapore and probably in Asia.”
While Golden Moments specialise in durian mooncakes, it never failed to innovate and have come up with new, unique flavours such as Docello Hazelnut Chocolate Mao Shan Wang and Lychee Martini.
For these new flavours, Golden Moments conducted surveys and market research to find out what “excites the palates of Singaporeans”.
They then spent eight months of intensive R&D to get the recipe right and manufacture it.
As a relatively new startup, innovation is wired into our DNA and we aim to be vibrant and trendy. Als…
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