Independent software vendors of all sizes are digital first responders for Asia Pacific

Around 500 million apps are expected to be built around the world over the next five years, which would be more than all the apps built over the last 40 years, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.
In Asia Pacific, Independent software vendors (ISVs) are responsible for a large majority of software applications built on third-party platforms. They are the biggest catalysts for growth in cloud adoption in the region.
From student startups to established IT solution-providers, ISVs come in all sizes, but they are united by a common goal: to drive digital transformation through innovative tech solutions.
I’m proud to see how so many ISVs in Asia Pacific have created unique, crucial, and necessary digital solutions as countries and organizations grapple with the pandemic. Whether it assists healthcare workers and governments to make informed decisions or enables business continuity and remote everything, each solution is built with the customers’ needs at heart. From pneumonia detection tools to platforms supporting remote learning, these ISV solutions lead the charge in our response to COVID-19.
Digital-first responders supporting frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic
The pandemic has strained healthcare providers around the world with massive demands for tests, diagnosis, and treatment.
In South Korea, Lunit developed INIGHT CXR, an artificial intelligence (AI) software built on Azure, which supports radiologists in interpreting chest x-ray readings to instantly detect and diagnose COVID-19 infections. The tool has been deployed in Daegu, the province hit hardest by the virus. Halfway across the world, Lunit INSIGHT CXR has also been installed at PreventSenior, one of Brazil’s largest hospital networks.
Besides healthcare professionals, government officials are also on the frontlines in our fight against the pandemic. Digital Dialogue has worked with Thailand’s government to build a live dashboard of the evolving global situation, leveraging Azure, and Power BI. Having this data readily available has equipped the government with pertinent information required to make informed decisions for their citizens.
A screenshot of the dashboard by Digital Dialogue for the Thai government

Remote learning and digital skilling for an inclusive future

The new normal has also brought about a slew of changes in how we learn, work, and live. With health and safety measures in place by governments across Asia Pacific, schools and universities have quickly moved lessons online, so students continue to receive the education they deserve. swiftly increased the sever capacity of its educational content platform Headstart by more than four times to meet the demand for a home-based learning application in Sri Lanka. Built on Azure, Headstart is now the country’s largest e-learning ecosystem with more than 600,000 registered users, 5,700 lessons, and 150 content partners. To ensure that more students have access to quality educational content, the ISV further partnered local telco, Dialog, to offer a 30-day free trial for access to their app.
ISVs have also played a part in equipping students with the digital skills required to thrive in future economies. In South Korea, Squarenet partnered with 15 universities, providing them access to the Microsoft Professional Program Education Platform, which hosts various technical training courses, including the fundamentals of software, data science, artificial intelligence, big data, and cybersecurity.
A screenshot of the Microsoft Professional Program by Squarenet
Similarly, in the Philippines, CloudSwyft launched its Hands-on Learning Labs platform that leverages Microsoft Teams. This interactive and collaborative virtual classroom solution was specially designed for high school and university students looking to acquire specific digital skillsets.
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